Telluride Inside… and Out at Crow Canyon: Ortman links pottery, weaving and language

Telluride Inside… and Out continues its series of articles featuring principals of Crow Canyon Archaeological Center speaking about subjects relating to the archaeology of southwest Colorado.

In this post, Dr. Scott Ortman talks about patterns in pottery following patterns in weaving baskets and blankets, and how these relate to language as it is spoken by modern Pueblo people.

As in any project of this kind, there are some great clips left on the cutting room floor, but it is our hope that these conversations will fuel an interest in visiting (and supporting) Crow Canyon Archaeological Center. It is truly a wonderful asset in our region. As Dr. Mark Varien says: “There’s nowhere else in the world that archaeologists studying the ancient past can really date structures to the year they were built. And yet we can do that here.”

(editor’s note: The Telluride Historical Museum, in an ongoing relationship with Crow Canyon, is hosting a special excursion to the Crow Canyon campus on Wednesday, June 16.)

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