Katie Spotz: Race Across America, continued


Katie Spotz, Atlantic rower and now land racer, has had some setbacks in her attempt to set a new pairs bicycle record in the Race Across America with her partner Sam Williams. See a previous Telluride Inside… and Out post. Suffice to say that a training accident which resulted in a fractured pelvis did not prevent Katie from riding: she hunted down a high performance hand-cycle and made the starting line at Oceanside, CA on June 18.

Most cyclists would not dream of starting off on a cross-the-nation ride with a week to learn a frisky mount powered by arm strength. But Katy and Sam are riding for a cause, and with Sam carrying a heavy load, Katy is doing her share. And this even after another accident which landed her in the hospital. Sponsored by Levi's, the duo is competing to raise money for Blue Planet Network. Blue Planet Network was the dream of part-time Telluride local, Jin Zidell, to bring safe drinking water to people around the world.

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