Telluride Library: Renovations Complete

Telluride’s five-star Wilkinson Public Library is pleased to announce renovations to the local institution are complete. Everyone in the community is invited to check out the upgrades. For more information, go here.

The upgrade of Telluride’s five-star library triggering renovations was in response to the evolving needs of library patrons. Details were sorted out during community planning sessions with the architect in August 2016.

Changes in information technology, media and public programming created very different usage patterns from when the library was built 17 years ago. Telluride is fortunate to have a facility that could easily be adapted to meet current needs and allow the community to use the facility for years to come.

The renovation project fulfills the original mission to better accommodate patrons of all ages at varying times of the day for optimal use and efficiency of the existing library facility in order to create comfortable, flexible space that allow patrons of all ages the opportunity to work independently, hold meetings and access library resources in an inviting space, to integrate solutions to manage acoustics, and to allow for multi-use that accommodates youth at peak times and others at non-peak youth hours.

Those individual goals have been met with the reorganization of the teen area and the periodicals room, as well as a complete remodel of the second floor meeting room space.

There were also changes made to the placement of and access to public computers and parts of the book and media collection.

The teen area and periodicals room now have new, multi-function furniture.

The number of second floor meeting rooms has grown to six from three and the new rooms are much more acoustically sound.

The Telluride Library now provides a casual seating area near the large north windows that has sound dampening features and takes advantage of the natural light.

Much to the credit of the building team, the renovation also includes re-use of existing furniture and materials.

Wilkinson Public library had 262,000 visits and just more than 3,000 room bookings in 2016 and just the library has 14,000 cardholders.

The highly functional new spaces, along with the reorganization of some of the library materials, will go a long in meeting the needs of the patrons behind the numbers for years to come.


Library staff and the board of trustees are excited to show off upgraded  and, as always, offer the high level of individual attention and assistance for which Wilkinson Public Library has come to be known.

The library staff and board invite everyone to visit and enjoy the new spaces.


“It is our hope that many more community members will rediscover their library and all it has to offer,” says library director Sarah Landeryou.

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