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TIO Denver: Franks’ Ayn Rand, Reading, 8/14

In the summer of 2014, SPARKy Productions featured a new work by the nonprofit’s founder and artistic director Jennie Franks. In 2015, Jennie took that show on the road and did a reading in […]

Tall Tales: “Hand to God,” A Review

“Hand to God” now up at Denver’s Curious Theatre Company through December 17, 2016. Tickets here. Our Denver theater critic, award-winning author Mark Stevens, reviews the production. “Hand to God” thrives […]

Tall Tales: Avenue Theater’s “Bakerfield Mist,” A Review

Denver’s Avenue Theater now featuring “Bakersfield Mist” (through July 2). Tickets here. Below is award-winning writer (and our Denver critic) Mark Stevens’ take on the production. Based on a real-life incident, “Bakersfield Mist” is a […]

Tall Tales: “White Guy on the Bus,” A Review

Denver’s Curious Theatre Company’s now featuring “White Guy on the Bus (through June 24). Tickets here. Below is award-winning writer (and our Denver critic) Mark Stevens’ take on the production. In “White Guy on the […]

Tall Tales: Denver Center’s “Sweeney Todd” is Killer

The Denver Center for the Performing Arts’ production of “Sweeney Todd” gets a rave from Tall Tales columnist Mark Stevens, TIO’s Denver theatre critic. Through May 15. Tickets here. Before you dig […]

The Short Version: Contraception Coverage

Last week, Cleo Abram talked about the ripples in the water across the pond: Brits are split about whether to stay or exit the European Union. This week the big issue is closer […]

Tall Tales: “Elliot, A Soldier’s Fugue,” Reviewed

Denver’s Curious Theatre Company’s now featuring “Elliot, A Soldier’s Fugue,” through April 23. Tickets here.   War is “over there.” It comes back to us in an odd fashion, in meaningless glimpses—a […]

Announcing “The Short Version”: Super Tuesday & Super Delegates

Eight years ago, Telluride Inside…and Out began as a lifestyle webzine. Today, in the full knowledge that Telluride is a window on the world, we continue to bring the “zazz” (short for “pizzazz) of the […]

Tall Tales: Curious Theatre Company’s “Sex With Strangers” Reviewed

Denver’s Curious Theatre Company’s ‘Sex With Strangers,” through February  20, 2016. Tickets here. “Sex With Strangers” is deliciously funny play about the pros and cons of self-publishing. It’s about art versus […]

Snow Sunday: A Heartwarming Story from the DMV

My favorite time to go to the DMV (Department of Motor Vehicles) is NEVER. And especially not during the rush of the busy holiday season. So when I was informed […]