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Annual Orion Scholarship Benefit, 10/3

Because writing about connections between nature and culture has never been more urgent, join Orion Magazine and the Southern New Hampshire University Mountainview MFA Program in Creative Writing and teachers Craig […]

Leader in Contemporary Art to Present to Community, 9/21

Rebuilding and bolstering an economically depressed community is a challenge, but this is exactly what happened in North Adams, Massachusetts with the MASS MoCA Arts Center. The community transformed 16 acres […]

TIO NYC: The Other, Islam, Modigliani & More

According to Dr. Shadi Hamid in his new book Islamic Exceptionalism: How the Struggle over Islam Is Reshaping the World, the failure of democracy to take root in the Islamic world […]

Telluride Library: One Book, One Canyon

Telluride’s five-star Wilkinson Public Library is launching the region’s first community read program. “One Book, One Canyon” is designed to encourage reading for pleasure and to start a conversation. For its inaugural […]

SAFYPT: “Peril on the San Miguel, A Melodrama!,” 9/24

Telluride’s Sheridan Arts Foundation’s Young People’s Theater is proud to present its fourth annual parent/kid play, “Peril on the San Miguel: A Melodrama!” starring eight students grades 3-5 and their parents. The show […]

Palm Arts & Telluride Dance Collective: Dance Showcase, 9/21 & 9/22

Join Telluride’s Palm Arts and Telluride Dance Collective in its first annual original dance showcase, Mass Movement. Fresh local dance on the Main Stage at the Palm, Thursday, September 21 and Friday, September 22, […]

3rd Annual Telluride Festival of Cars & Colors

The Telluride Festival of Cars & Colors is the embodiment of the classic Concours combined with the best aspects of today’s automotive lifestyle events. The 3rd annual Telluride Festival of Cars […]

The Short Version: Single-Payer Health Care

The point of it all is to break down the headlines, determine why an issue is important, and reveal the best arguments on each side of the story. Recently Cleo focused on DACA and […]

Telluride Foundation: Annual Community Grant Application

New on-line software provides a more user-friendly application process.   Since its inception in 2000, the Telluride Foundation has provided significant support to our community’s nonprofits through its Community Grant […]

Shrink Rap: Family Systems & Codependency

I wrote previously about the codependent and dependent personalities. We find that codependency is created by the family system. Codependency is a set of behaviors and attitudes that form a […]