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Poets’ Corner: Our Poet Laureate Brings the Heat for Valentine’s Day

It was standing room only last December at the Telluride Institute’s Talking Gourds Poetry bash and San Miguel Poet Laureate Elissa Dickson did not disappoint her crowd. For the end-of-the-year celebration, she delivered fireworks […]

For Valentine’s Day: Five Tips for Riding With Your Sweetie

This story by Deb Dion, now co-owner and editor-in-chief of Telluride Magazine, was originally published in 2013. But no truer words were ever spoken. On Valentine’s Day, it is not little boxes, […]

Poets’ Corner: An “Un-Valentine” for Valentine’s Day

Are you a Valentine’s Day cynic? Do you object to all the sappy sentiment with sugar on top we are forced to consume in excess on one particular day in February? Are you over […]

Poets’ Corner: Rosemerry for Valentine’s Day

On Valentine’s Day, it all seems so straightforward, so simple: he gives you a little box or a big bouquet, chocolates too maybe; you give him, what?, basketball tickets. Long […]

Poets’ Corner: Erika Gordon for Valentine’s Day

Nothing is in stone about the Christian martyr who was buried near Rome on February 14. There were a number of different Saint Valentines: even Pope Gregory had no clue […]

Poets’ Corner: Valentine’s Day, Art Goodtimes

Soon it will be Valentine’s Day, stirring up hot-blooded passions at a cold-blooded time of year. Asked to send along bon mots (to go along with bon bons) for the holiday), […]

Poets’ Corner: Feela for Valentine’s Day

On Valentine’s Day, in some countries, a young woman may receive a gift of clothing from a young man. If she keeps the threads, it means she will marry him. […]

“Unbound: A Story of Snow and Self-Discovery,” 2/12

Telluride’s Between the Covers Bookstore welcomes Steph Jagger, author of  “Unbound: A Story of Snow and Self-Discovery,” to town for a talk at the Telluride Library, on Sunday, February 12, 6 p.m. […]

In Search of the Good Life in Today’s America, 2/6

Telluride’s Between the Covers Bookstore welcomes Mark Sundeen, author of “The Man Who Quit Money,” back to town for a conversation with poet/author Amy Irvine at the Telluride Library, on […]

Talking Gourds January: Bridger, Paulson & Wright

On the heels of a standing-room-only performance in December 1216 by Telluride poetry sensation (and director of adult program at the Telluride Library) Elissa Dickson, the Telluride Institute’s Traveling Gourds Tour kicks […]