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The Meaning of Namaste

We bow and say it all the time at the end of yoga class: Namaste. But what does the Nepalese word really mean? Author Rita Geno and Yoga Teacher Aadil […]

Best Workout For Your Personality?

When it comes to choosing the best exercise for your personality, it turns out one size (or exer-size) does not fit all. Turns out some people just aren’t treadmill people; […]

Your Sleep & Daylight Savings Time

Daylight savings ends Sunday morning. That means at 1 a.m. it will be midnight. It might also mean your sleep schedule is disrupted. And that means trouble. Writing for the […]

Christy Sports Acquires BootDoctors

Christy Sports acquires BootDoctors, expanding footprint in Telluride & Taos Markets. Christy Sports LLC, one of the largest winter sports specialty retailers in the nation, today announced its most recent […]

Got little rippers to outfit? BootDoctors can help.

This week, the BootDoctors in the House focuses on  your little rippers and its Junior Ski & Boot Program which offers affordable, leased gear. Katie Klingsporn elaborates. Kids grow up so fast. […]

Your Inner Athlete: Peak Performance, Mind Over Matter

We first met Dr. Haley Perlus at the Telluride WOW Festival. We asked if she would share her pearls with our readers. Haley’s advice tends to apply equally to sports and to […]

Chasing Contentment

Given today’s difficult headlines – natural disasters (everywhere) and unnatural disasters (in our nation’s capital) – we thought this story by yoga instructor and author Dr. Judith Hanson Lasater might […]

Latest On How Much Exercise We Need

We in Telluride hold these truths to be self-evident: Move it or lose it. If we want to live longer and well, we need to exercise more than previously thought. Writing for […]

Advice From Your Brain’s Personal Trainer

According to an article by Tara Swart in Fast Company, yes you need to drink more water. But you might also like to try some magnesium salts. What else? Read on. […]

Telluride Med Center: Man Behind the Curtain

Although there are no overnight beds at the Telluride Regional Medical Center, there are nights when one particular person never leaves. Since 2002, Eric Adolphi has served the local Medical […]