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Second Chance: The Sacred Secret

Dear Pet Column, I have a confession. My best friend is a dog. I know the old saying: “Dog is man’s best friend” should not be taken literally but I […]

Second Chance: The Luna Storm

I am Luna, which means moon.  I am not sure why I got named after that celestial body, but I really like my handle. Once I met a dog named Booger; I am certainly glad I did not get […]

Second Chance: Helping Harvey Victims

Dear Pet Column, I have been seeing images of all too many animals impacted by Hurricane Harvey. What can I do to help? I would be willing to drive to Houston […]

Second Chance: Humane Language

I was recently at a local farmers market for a Second Chance adoption event when someone pointed to me and asked “How much are you selling that cat for?” When […]

Second Chance: Even Good Dogs Bite

The fact is 77% of dog bites come from the family or friend’s dog. Dogs usually get blamed for the bite (and even removed from the home and/or euthanized) when […]

Best Friend Handbook: Another Reason To Love Dogs

My friend Katherine Stuart writes a wonderful blog,”Best Friend Handbook,” everything from fashion and beauty tips to nutrition and recipes – including recipes for success and, in this case, more reasons for […]

Second Chance: Fear Free Facility

Second Chance Humane Society has become certified as a Fear Free facility. That means that protocols and procedures to minimize fear and emotional discomfort for all pets are now on […]

Second Chance: Man Versus Hair

Dear Pet Column,  My boyfriend has been complaining about my shedding dog. Don’t worry though. Since my dog doesn’t complain about my boyfriend’s snoring or whining, I know which one […]

Second Chance: Got Catnip?

Does your cat like catnip (aka catmint, catwort, field balm)? Whether it is a wild or domestic feline, even lion, tigers and panthers just can’t seem to get enough of […]

Second Chance: Hot Diggity Dog

Sizzling, burning, feverish, fiery, sweltering, torrid, blazing, scorching, blistering, sultry, sweltering, roasting, cooking. Am I describing the many shades of summer? Actually what I am talking about what it feels like inside of […]