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Second Chance: Chatty Kitty

A new year.  A fresh start. A new chapter in life waiting to be written. New questions to be asked. Answers to be discovered.  Although I speak chat, (pronounced “kat”), […]

Second Chance: Lilly & Panda

Thanks for reading the first Pet Column of 2018. Although this column is typically about pet parenting advice and treating animals humanely, I thought it fitting that the 2018 kickoff […]

Second Chance: Cheese & Other Important Topics of 2017

This is the last Pet Column of 2017.  No pressure on me though…ok, yes I now know the true meaning of “writer’s block.” Not for lack of something to write about, but […]

Second Chance: How To Make It Snow

I know this is a touchy subject. I hesitate to even broach it, but here goes: Snow.  I know many of people in Telluride depend on those white flakes for their livelihood. […]

Second Chance: Dog Dreams

Dear Pet Column, My dog appears to dream when he sleeps, moving his legs and body, whining, growling, while appearing to be in a deep sleep. Do dogs dream and what […]

Second Chance: 12 Days of Dogmas

Dear Santa Paws, Does anyone ever ask you what you want for Christmas? I imagine the answer is difficult for someone who has access to every gift in the world. […]

“Paws for Art” on Noel Night

On Telluride’s Noel Night, shoppers can give great art and homeless pets a second chance. For months, the best artwork donated to Second Chance Thrift Shops has been set aside […]

Second Chance: Pledge For Life

I really didn’t think I would find myself living in an animal shelter this year, but yeah, that happened … My former people clearly had not taken the Pledge for […]

Second Chance: Breaking News on Rabies Vaccine

Sampson here with some breaking scientific news: The rabies vaccine, found to be extremely effective at preventing this fatal disease in dogs, is now showing significant positive impacts on overall […]

Second Chance: Toxoplasmosis

Do you need to give up your cat just because you’re pregnant? According to the Humane Society of the United States, the answer is an emphatic no.   The worry […]