• Summer Sunday: When Grandpa's In Charge


    If Facebook ‘likes” are a measure of my parenting coolness, then most indicators show I’m a pretty cool mom. A picture of my seven-year-old, Mollie, jumping off a dock with her cousins – 31 likes. My four-year-old, Belle, euphorically jumping…

  • Summer Sunday: Sutcliffe Vineyards

    1 week ago.

    It’s not always easy to keep house guests happy in Telluride. Especially when they’ve been to our box canyon over a dozen times and are finding Bear Creek a little predictable. Which is why Andy and I decided to do…

  • Summer Sunday: Bike Trip

    3 weeks ago.

    I am not supposed to be riding a road bike through remote Western Utah right now. In fact, there are a hundred, no probably a thousand things that need my attention, namely parenting, working, or writing short stories for the…

  • Summer Sunday: Sneffels Highline

    1 month ago.

    In Telluride, dates out can be a little different. Those of us who live in the mountains are a strange breed. We love snow and ice as much as a cool chardonnay. We seek new trails like those in the…

  • 100-Mile Bike Race to Debut in Telluride

    1 month ago.

    Saturday, July 19, 6 a.m., the inaugural field for the Telluride 100 Mountain Bike Race will ceremoniously roll through the picturesque box canyon before tackling the course’s most difficult ascent up Black Bear Pass – a climb that peaks out at…

  • Yeti's First Soft-sided Cooler Available in October

    1 month ago.

    From Outside Magazine: "Fishing guides and festival goers take note: High-end cooler maker Yeti just revealed its first soft-sided cooler, the 5.2-gallon Hopper that’s sealed with a waterproof drysuit zipper." It’s got an inch-and-a-half of heavy-duty closed-cell foam for insulation…

  • Summer Sunday: Independence

    1 month ago.

    Under the pretext of celebrating the anniversary of our nation’s independence, every fourth, Americans gather. From the corners of America’s small rural towns to the avenues of her most distinguished cities, families participate in traditions that they have been playing…

  • As Yosemite Park Turns 150, Charms And Challenges Endure

    2 months ago.

    Here are several excerpts from an article (including a podcast) by Sasha Khokha, the California Report Central Valley Bureau Chief at KQED in San Francisco, about Yosemite Park turning 150: Yosemite National Park, in California's Sierra Nevada, is celebrating the…

  • Summer Sunday: Why June is the Best Month in Telluride

    2 months ago.

    My husband and I have a disagreement. He says September. I say June. The debate is over our favorite month in Telluride. He favors the crisp days and cold nights of early fall. The shift in leaves from deep August…

  • Gliding Over Telluride With "Glider Bob"

    2 months ago.

      Have you ever wondered what it would be like to "glide" above Telluride with Glider Bob?  Well, this video may be as close as you can get to that experience without actually doing it.

  • The Last of the Real Mountain Towns

    2 months ago.

    Greg Melville writes in the Outside blog about a little known secret:  "That cabin you’ve always dreamed of? It’s within reach—if you know where to look." You know you've always wanted to buy a cabin high in the mountains. Now's your…

  • SUMMER SUNDAY: Zen and the Art of Mountain Trail Running

    2 months ago.

      I am a pretty finicky runner—I will only run on mountain trails or the occasional dirt road. Never pavement. My husband says that this makes me “high maintenance.” He’s probably right, but I don’t care what he thinks. I…

  • On Ice: 100 Year-old Negatives Discovered in Antarctic

    2 months ago.

    In this fascinating article, Steve Meltzer, a writer and photographer for Imaging Resource, discusses the discovery of 100 year-old negatives in the Antarctic. Conservators restoring an Antarctic exploration hut recently made a remarkable discovery: a small box of 22 exposed…

  • Paragliding Telluride [Video]

    2 months ago.

    Today, Keith Brown posted a wonderful video of what it's like to paraglide in Telluride.  Enjoy the ride!

  • Spring Sunday: May’s Subtle Splendor

    3 months ago.

    Much of the year, Telluride’s splendor is obvious – almost obnoxiously in your face. Powder days, Bluegrass Festival, mid-summer Prospect rides and Highline hikes. These are the images that flash through our minds when we think about what we love…

  • Spring Sunday: Trail Running the Jud Wiebe

    3 months ago.

    Waiting for spring in the Rockies is like waiting for a child to emerge out of puberty. An adult one day; a child the next. Sun one day; snow the next. If you wait for things to even out, you’ll…