Telluride Film Festival: Maira Kalman 2011 Poster Artist

May 31, 2011
TFF38_Poster_Kalman BERKELEY, CA – Telluride Film Festival (September 2-5, 2011), presented by National Film Preserve LTD., proudly announces famed New York artist Maira Kalman as the 38th Telluride Film Festival poster artist.
Maira Kalman has worked as a designer, author, illustrator and artist for more than 30 years. She has written and illustrated thirteen children’s books including Ooh-la-la-Max in Love, What Pete Ate, and most recently, 13 WORDS in collaboration with Lemony Snicket. Kalman is a regular illustrator for The New Yorker magazine, one of her most notable works being the 2001 “New Yorkistan” cover in collaboration with Rick Meyerowitz.

Kalman’s most recent books include the illustrated Strunk and White’s classic Elements of Style in 2007 and Various illuminations (of a Crazy World) in 2010. Two monthly on-line columns for The New York Times entitled Principles of Uncertainty (2006-07) and The Pursuit of Happiness (2008-09) have been collected in book form. In 2010 the Institute of Contemporary Art organized a retrospective of Maira’s work, entitled “Various Illuminations (of a Crazy World)”, which traveled to the Skirball Cultural Center (Los Angeles, CA), the Contemporary Jewish Museum (San Francisco, CA), the University of Pennsylvania and is currently at The Jewish Museum (New York, NY). Kalman lives in New York City and is represented by the Julie Saul Gallery, New York.
“High in the San Juan Mountains people gather each year to experience the unexpected: moving images from around the world that take them on journeys they may never have imagined,” said Maira Kalman. “I wanted to capture some of these cinematic dreams directly on to the poster, the dreams I myself might encounter at the Festival.”
Festival co-director Gary Meyer explained, “We were hoping that Maira would bring us the kind of surprising humor that she does for The New Yorker covers and she certainly delivered. What a terrific addition to our gallery of posters.”
Kalman joins a prestigious list of artists who have shared their talents with the Telluride Film Festival. Past poster artists include Ed Ruscha, John Mansfield, Julian Schnabel, Dottie Attie, Doug and Mike Starn, David Lance Goines, Chuck Jones, David Salle, Alexis Smith, Jim Dine, Seymour Chast, Frederic Amat, Francesco Clemente, Dave McKean, Gary Larson, Chip Kidd, John Canemaker, Mark Stock, Laurie Anderson, William Wegman, and Ralph Eggleston.
38th Telluride Film Festival posters will be available for purchase throughout the four-day Festival or by visiting the TFF website.
For more information about Maira Kalman visit: and

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