Johannes Girardoni: Telluride Gallery For Art Walk & Original Thinkers!

Telluride Arts’ First Thursday Art Walk is a festive celebration of the art scene in downtown Telluride. Participating venues host receptions to introduce new exhibits. The October Art Walk takes place Thursday, October 3, 5 – 8 p.m.

During the months of October and November Gallery 81435  features the work of Denver-based artist Trine Bumiller. Her art explores the relationship between memory and experience through paintings that interpret the environment through abstraction. Part of the exhibition will include Bumiller’s newest series, “Monumental,” 129 oil paintings of American national monuments, revisited in pink hues.

Also for October and November Telluride Arts HQ is mounting a community show titled “An Exhibition of Broken/Mended Parts”  Awhile ago, the nonprofit put out an open call for entries of X-rays, as well as for optional small artifacts, short stories, poems, etc. that describe how “you broke and/or got back together.” Nearly 30 submissions were received and will be displayed, representing a full range of injuries and procedures. The narratives told through these portraits of broken insides is a unique, sometimes dark, reflection of the lifestyles we choose to live.

MiXX Projects + Atelier is showcasing local talent, including work of perennial favorites Meredith Nemirov and Britt Bradford, as well as work by a new artist (and MiXX team member) Edith Willey. The three very different styles are one great example of the creative diversity that can be found in this out-of-the-way place we call home. 

Slate Gray Gallery presents “Mosaic” an exhibit featuring Alexandra Eldridge of Santa Fe and Jenn Dewey of Amulet Arts in Ridgway, CO. (See related story.)

And the Telluride Gallery of Fine Art  presents the artwork of Johannes Girardoni, Austrian-born, American sculptor and installation artist whose work is exhibited worldwide. Girardoni’s art is also part of the 2nd annual Original Thinkers Festival, a highly curated event that melds speakers, films, and performance into a powerful four-day experience, most at the “Big Idea” (aka Telluride Conference Center in Mountain Village), October 3 – October 6. Full schedule hereTickets/passes here.

For other Art Walk venues and further details about the above, go here.

Johannes Girardoni. Find the innovative artist at the Telluride Gallery of Fine Art and at the Deep Creek Mine over Original Thinkers weekend.

In all, Original Thinkers features 10 unique shows, one of which, Show #7, “Unearthing Culture,” marries light, sound, and performance for an extraordinary experience that takes place at the Deep Creek Mine, an old limestone facility that has become an industrial and performance space for creators of all stripes. The event is open to festival attendees and the general public beginning October 4.

A key contributor to that cultural immersion is Chromasonic:

“Chromasonic’s highly immersive artwork – a physical and perpetual ‘layering’ in its manipulation of light and sound. Chromasonic’s meditative, multi-sensory light and sound installation, titled ‘Chromasonic – Fluid State’ uses the mine’s absence of light to put participants in a continuous flow of perceptual activation and adjustment by rendering them in an altered state using ‘Chromasonic-Refrequencing’…The artists include Chromasonic’s renowned visual artist Johannes Girardoni, whose work explores perception through material and light; sound artists Orpheo McCord (of Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros); and Joel Shearer. Finally, artist and community organizer at the New Orleans Museum of Art, Nic Aziz, will be ‘performing’ his artwork as well. Aziz is known for reinterpreting the famous Rodin sculpture, The Thinker, on top of confederate statues as a contemporary African-American black male. 

“‘Even though it’s only our second year of Original Thinkers we wanted to try something fully unprecedented by collaborating with Deep Creek Experimental,” said David Holbrooke, Original Thinkers’ founder-director. “Context is so important for all art and we think what will happen at the mine over Original Thinkers weekend will be a rich and resonant experience for our audience…'”

Chromasonic – Blue Green Install Day.


Chromasonic – Blue Green Install Night.


Chromasonic – BlueGreen.

Johannes Girardoni explores the limits of perception through material and light. Shifting between disciplines, his work proposes new definitions of space through digital and analog technology.

In addition to the immersion at the Mine, Girardoni’s spare, sensual sculpture-paintings will be on display at the Telluride Gallery of Fine Art, with the artist on hand for Telluride Arts’ Art Walk on Thursday, October 3.

“…The seductiveness of this Austrian-born artist’s elegance of color and surface gains edge from the plainness of their setting, like a vamp in denim overalls..,” wrote art critic Grace Glueck for The New York Times.

“…Los Angeles-based artist Johannes Girar­doni uses tech­nol­ogy to cri­tique tech­nol­ogy. Immac­u­lately exe­cuted and unabashedly chro­matic, the sculp­tures are dev­as­tat­ingly gor­geous — and dev­as­tat­ing in their indict­ment of tech-crazed con­sumerism…,” wrote critic Richard Speer.

Resonant- RedViolet




Johannes Girardoni, more:

Johannes Girardoni (born Austria, 1967) is an American sculptor and installation artist whose work is driven by his interest in perception and how natural and artificial phenomena can be organized to create responsive environments that shift our experience and understanding of site and space.

Girardoni’s physical sculptures and environments are often overlaid with digital interfaces that collect data and create artificial sensory mechanisms that merge with our own human perception, a primary example of which is converting light to sound with algorithmic processes the artist calls “SpectroSonic Refrequencing.”

Girardoni’s diverse works in sculpture, photography, and installations range from small, organic objects to large-scale interactive light installations that are in play with their site, with architecture, and/or with technology. His projects regularly lead him to diverse collaborations with architects, artists, scientists, and software engineers.

Girardoni’s art has been shown in galleries and museums worldwide, including in the 54th Venice Biennale, Italy; the Ludwig Museum, Germany; The Harvard Art Museum, Cambridge, MA; The Austrian Cultural Forum, New York; as well as at TED2014: The Next Chapter, Vancouver, British Columbia.

Girardoni has been the subject of features and reviews both nationally, and internationally, including in The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, ArtNews, Art in America, and Sculpture, among others.

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