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Thanksgiving: A Brief History

Corona or no, the holiday season is now hot on our heels. You can like the celebrations. You can lump them all into one Scroogey ball. The only thing you […]

Aging: Is It A Disease That Can Be Reversed?

We could not help but share this article written by Jancee Dunn for Vogue. The leitmotif? “Is Aging a Disease You Can Reverse? A Look at the Science Behind the […]

UCHealth: Colorado Covid Spite Alarming!

The facts documented in the following article titled “Virus far more dangerous now as Colorado COVID-19 spike sets alarming records” are, at best, sobering. The in-depth story was written by […]

Poets’ Corner: Feela on “Zombie Poets” for Halloween!

It is Halloween, the opening act for the BIG holiday trifecta just around the corner, a night of witches, ghosts and goblins, a celebration of the id that has spread […]

Halloween: A History

It’s not all about pumpkins, costumes and candy – though more candy is sold for Halloween than any other time of the year. (The estimate from The National Confectioners Association is […]

Hand Sanitizers: Common Mistakes

We curated this article by Nicole Pajer from the Huff Post, who cautions “Beware of these errors when disinfecting your hands for germs, including the virus that causes COVID-19.” For […]

UCHealth: Covid & Regeneron!

We curated this excellent article by Ted Neff from UCHealth Today. The title: “Does Regeneron antibody drug cocktail that Trump received work for COVID-19?” Note: Regeneron’s lab-engineered antibody treatment, which Trump […]

Top 10 Medical Issues to Take Care of Before Flu Season & COVID-19 Collide!

We curated this excellent article by Katie Kerwin McCrimmon from UCHealth Today. This must-read is titled “Top 10 medical issues to take care of now before flu season and COVID-19 collide.” […]

Poets’ Corner: Rosemerry Offers Hope in Age of Corona!

In the Age of Corona nothing is guaranteed except change: for better  – or for worse (predicted for the fall flu season). Telluride’s Word Woman Rosemerry Trommer, who reflects on the pandemic […]

Courts Block Election Mailer in Colorado

At the suggestion of an activist friend, we curated the following important story by Elise Viebeck written for The Washington Post. Title: “Federal judge temporarily blocks Postal Service from sending […]